Your Most Important Relationship

The relationship we have with life, determines how life treats us.

What I am about to say might be somewhat jarring. Still, I’ll say it anyway, because it has come to be my truth – the quality of the life you love or hate directly correlates to the relationship you are having with yourself in each moment of each day that you inhabit your life.

Our thoughts, beliefs, and values determine our lives’ inner landscape, forming the subtle sub-conscious and conscious mind driving our actions, and so our experience. Most of these were taken on at a time in life when we did not have the knowledge or experience to question or challenge the imposed story and so it stuck and determined how we relate to ourselves, others, the world and the Universe at large.

I certainly grew up believing that I had to be strong and ultra-independent because others could not be trusted. The result is that I seldom reach out or have been able to receive the help that has been available to me. My preference has always been to soldier on through whatever obstacles and challenges I have created along my path and overcome alone.

Recognising this program of mine, I have slowly begun to receive help and support more readily. If we can’t receive, we cannot maintain a balance in the giving and receiving relationship that requires both capabilities to thrive. If like me, your fire burns bright for others, and you struggle to accept the logs on offer to maintain your fire, it will go out, and you will be left bone-tired and depleted, seriously of little use to yourself or others.

The relationship between our light and our shadow creates the balance and tension for life to exist, grow, and evolve. The Yin and the Yang. The bitter and the sweet. The happy and the sad. The inspired and the lethargic. The productive and the lazy. The giving and the receiving. Each is a catalyst for the other, and each helps life to maintain balance. It is impossible to be hanging out permanently on one side of the coin or one end of the polarity, and it is always a dance.

We live in a dualism that creates all of our interrelatedness. It means that we are in a constant relationship with everything. Everyone, everywhere and nothing, no one and nowhere…this can be pretty mind-blowing, and it is also a great responsibility and accountability. There is a direct feedback mechanism at work perpetually and it is so magnificent in its simplicity – what you put out; you get back. As within, so without. Which means that whatever is going on for you inside, will be reflected in your outer experience. What makes it so hard to get this as humans? Are we so disconnected from ourselves and everything else, that we fail to recognise this fundamental truth?

We seem hell-bent on destroying the very planet that gives us life, we receive her bounty and provide her with nothing but devastation in return. Surely, we can observe her destruction and feel her pain in the extinction of the very biodiversity that keeps us alive? The rivers that were once pregnant with life-giving pure water are becoming trickles of toxic waste and people lose access to the one thing that secures survival. We have lost sight of our interrelatedness with our source of life. It seems we have forgotten our own nature and instead are trying to be machines. Yet when we are all exhausted after being on our machines and screens all day, where do we find our greatest source of energy? A simple barefoot walk on the grass, soaking up some sunshine and feeling the kiss of the air on our faces – nature’s bounty. Destroy her, and we destroy ourselves. It appears that there is a real battle going on inside of humanity and it’s being reflected to us through what we experience and notice of our home’s decimation.

It feels like we are all being called home to ourselves. To notice what is actually going on within and to consciously transform our vibration and frequency. An observing mind that can notice when low-frequency vibrations are creating the experience and then the mindfulness to acknowledge what is going on and consider steps that can raise the vibration to attract the alternatives. Thereby allowing for more love, gratitude, peace, compassion, connection, generosity and abundance in place of fear, entitlement, conflict, judgement, isolation, selfishness and scarcity. If more and more of us focused on cultivating a relationship with the higher-order values, the human experience would shift.

Here’s the thing I know for sure, whatever you are bringing into the world in the form of your energy; the Universe is having a relationship with you there… it’s like the algorithm on Facebook; whatever you love and like multiplies. The key is to be mindful of what you are relating and giving attention to, as this is what will flow your way. The Universe is straightforward like that, whatever you focus on, it provides. It’s probably the purest and most straightforward relationship we have.

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