What we are feeling is grief with Marisa Da-Fonseca Wollheim

Episode 1

A 2020 Harvard Business Review article titled “That Discomfort You’re Feeling Is Grief” released near the beginning of the pandemic was one of the first to name the collections of emotions we were experiencing on a collective level. Now more than a year on we find ourselves in a seemingly never-ending loop through the stages of grief as we grapple to find our footing in an uncertain world.

Many of us hold the simple association between Grief and death, and although we certainly have experienced our fair share of this during the Pandemic, it is not the only loss we have suffered.

In this series I speak with Marisa Wollheim, a seasoned Grief counselor, to better understand this feeling of Grief, the stages we are cycling through, and the emotions associated with each. Most importantly this series is about providing the insight, knowledge, and tools needed to navigate through this cycle.


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