Coach, facilitator, storyteller and story holder.  Mindfulness and bodyfulness proponent. Mental health advocate and wellbeing champion.   Chantal supports learning...
Mike Middleton is the founder and CEO of Marty McFly, a futures consultancy that helps brands and organisations make better decisions today for a brighter tomorrow. A tomorrow that is not only good for shareholders but for our planet and people too. He is a specialist in regenerative marketing and business practices which aim to make organisations net positive contributors to society meaning that they give back more than they take out. Previously Mike was the Chief Marketing Officer for the likes of KFC and Mondelez International, across Africa, the Middle East and Europe.
Coaching focused on leadership development, and establishing the role and contribution of Risk and Compliance across the bank. Results included the client establishing her leadership brand as well as entrenching the systems and processes in support of good governance across the business.
“Sensory integration consulting for adults and adolescents is a precious gift I am humbled to share with my clients. Sensory strategies have many time saved my life. I will never underestimate the power of ‘just right’ sensory input on physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness.” Ida is a passionate sensory integration occupational therapist. She worked in the clinical field of sensory integration for 20 years, where a daily sense of awe was established in her around the powerful organizing effect sensations have on the nervous system. Her interest incorporate health and wellness saw her obtaining a Master’s degree in Industrial Psychology, as well as becoming a licensed sensory intelligence ® practitioner.
Eva’s interest in coaching was enhanced after the untimely loss of her husband to cancer, just before their twin daughters started primary school. The adjustment to facing the world as a single parent and coping with her and her daughters’ loss taught her how to deal with the unexpected and highlighted the importance of continuous self-development, personal growth and resourcefulness to increase one’s resilience and ability to deal with change. Eva is passionate about paying forward what she has learned about resilience.
Marisa Wollheim is a passionate Speaker, Trainer and Holistic & Intuitive Counsellor with 21 years’ experience in Hospice Care - she has built up a wealth of experience, knowledge and her wisdom from Walking a path with Dying people who have inspired and taught her, we do not have to wait till we die before we become aware of who we really are, what unfinished business we have and what our Greatness is… Marisa developed several Courses to facilitate Personal Development and Life Skills. Her passion is to empower people with knowledge on Holistic living and Life Skills so they can become their greatest Self and remember who they really are.
Hi, I am Kerryn, creator of Life Online. I wish to share this unique collaboration with you knowing that through this phenomenal network of people and perspectives you will find yourself in good company as together we embark on a journey of self-discovery, wellbeing and lifestyle management.
Helen has published two best-selling business books on networking and her new book, “Networking for Introverts” will be out this year. She has the international corporate experience and lived in the Middle East for 5 years where she developed and sold her own successful business in Dubai. On her return to South Africa, Helen has run the Networking Company for 15 years - she is a passionate South African, was interviewed by GIBS Business School as one of South Africa’s leading female entrepreneurs, has run the New York marathon in 2011 and has been a single mom to 23-year-old identical girl twins since they were 3. She is a passionate connector and walks her Networking talk!
I integrate the science of what makes humans flourish as individuals, as team members, as leaders, as social beings…with the art of discovering what your heart desires, what energises you, and how to live a rich and meaningful life, in service of others and the planet.

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