The Symbolism of the Black Swan

I selected the Black swan to represent our first publication of Life Online because of its symbolic meaning. Until it was discovered all swans were thought to be only white, Black swan was used as an expression to refer to something considered to be implausibly wonderful or even improbable. It is said that upon sighting a Black swan – expect a miracle to happen.
Having transformed from an ugly duckling into an elegant bird, swans are not only archetypal of beauty and grace, but of personal transformation as well. They are my reminder to question everything I think to be impossible, to continue my journey of self-discovery and to embrace the process of personal transformation

Kerryn Kohl
Chief Editor Life Online

These images are a selection from the artists Impossible Bird collection
Masa Hoss

Black swans speak to my soul for they are The Impossible Bird.

For over 2000 years most of the world considered black swans to be non-existent until they were discovered in Australia.
They symbolize how ‘impossible’ is often a failure of imagination or lack of exploration.


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