The Greatest Relationship You Can Ever Have

The saddest moments for me being a Hospice Counsellor is when walking a path with a dying patient, and near their end, they turn to me and ask: “But, how will I know what my Spirit looks like? Where is my Soul“… as if their Spirit has not been a part of them for 72 years…?

This experience has been my greatest gift as I realised, we do not have to wait until we die before we get to know our Spirit.

From the day we are born, we have a body, a mind, emotions, and a Spirit. Our Spirit is the part of ourselves that continues forever, the part of us that cannot die, our real Self. So my question is “Why would we choose to have no relationship with spirit?

I always say it is like living in a multi-story house, yet you only occupy two rooms for most of your life – crazy, isn’t it?

So, how do we connect, develop and create a relationship with our Spirit?
Where did it all go wrong?… I guess one reason is that we are told that God is outside of us. We even look up when talking about a God Figure. Yet, so many scriptures, beliefs etc. refer to the Body being the Temple -have you ever heard that? Why would it be called a Temple? For surely it could be called a café… (hee hee)
The word Temple is used because there is something Divine living inside it.

If there is something Divine living within – when will we include that Divine part of us into our life? For it has the power, and the vision we so often need. It can be our most incredible Mentor, Friend and Guide.

Let me ask you this…: “Do you know what your Spirit looks like? Does it have a form or a Symbol?… What does your Spirit sound like? Yes, you know that still voice inside that tells you to call someone… How does your Spirit make you feel?… Goosebumps… a shiver down your spine, a warmth… What does your Spirit use to get your attention?

Our Spirit waits patiently for our invite to get to know it. To challenge it, to celebrate it, and to partner it. Yes, it waits because it respects us enormously. It sees us as Divine with free will; and it will never force itself. For it allows us whatever we choose with no Judgement! Thus, if you choose to be a victim, it allows you to be the victim. If you choose to be magnificent, it allows you this too, for it appreciates the experiences and feelings you have and bring back to it as Wisdom.

I can only speak for myself, but for me, the greatest relationship you can have and develop is your relationship with your Spirit.

Do not just take my word for it, I challenge you to go within that Inner Sanctuary – Still the Body, Still the Mind, Still the Emotions and BE… Meet who is in there… Feel it… Experience it.

Be Still and Know that I AM God. “I AM” is within you… patiently waiting for your invite to Partner with you to guide and lead and show you itself, to bring depth to your life.

Be Open, Be Humble and Trust! Your Spirit will move you, it will show itself to you through nature, perhaps a feather will appear out of nowhere, perhaps a bird will get your attention and you will know it is speaking to you, maybe its a piece of Music that allows you a moment of transcendence.

We often think that we only connect to our Spirit when we are “holy”… in Church or in Prayer…. NO! Your Spirit is within you always. It is not separate from you. It is there observing it all and within you.

It reminds me of the story by Ram Das:
There are two waves drifting along in the ocean, one a bit bigger than the other. The bigger wave suddenly becomes incredibly sad and upset. The smaller wave asks what is wrong. “You don’t want to know,” the bigger wave says. “What is it?” the small wave asks. “No – really – it’s too terrible. If you knew what I knew, you’d never be happy.” The small wave persists. Finally, the big wave explains: “You cannot see it, but I can see that, not too far from here, all of the waves are crashing on the shore. We are going to disappear.” The small wave says,” I can make you happy with just six words, but you have to listen very carefully to them.” The big wave does not believe it — what does the small wave know that he does not — but he is desperate. After a while of doubting and mocking the small wave, the big wave finally gives in, and asks the small wave to tell him. And so, the small wave says: “You’re not a wave, you are water.”

We are not separate from our Spirit, just as our Spirit is not separate from the Source or God.

When I first started my Journey and realising, I can have a relationship with my Spirit, I would speak to it and have these conversations. I would invite it to Partner with me and asked it to show me its presence, and over the years it has, in several ways.

Sometimes even whilst driving on a busy, noisy highway, I would hear a Rufousnaped Lark calling in the Veld (Field) next to the road – and immediately I Know, I am connected. Sometimes it is butterflies or feathers, other times I will be attracted to trees and mist and then other times rocks. I have learnt to Trust my Spirit and receive confirmation of something I have been working on or asked.

When next you have a moment, stop and look around you. You will notice People who do things with Passion, whether eating, dancing, or sweeping the floor. You will notice that they do so passionately.
My relationship with my Spirit has helped me tap into my Passion and realise now that “Passion is your Reward for connecting to your Spirit!” A Gift I will always treasure.

My request to you this month is to make time to commune with your Spirit. It does not have to be a Prayer, yet it may be. There are no conditions, and it is always Present.

I have a discipline that I do every morning – Where I become Still. I surrender and Join the Presence of my Spirit in the Now. I give it the authority to observe through me, and we Create my day.
I wish you a pleasant journey of discovery as you get to know, feel, hear, and partner with your Spirit.
May your Spirit ignite a fire of Passion within you that will dissolve and manifest many experiences for you!


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