Staying mentally strong

The definition of “mentally strong” is being in tune with your body and thoughts and having a positive outlook on most things in life.

In my opinion the most important way to stay mentally strong is to control your thoughts, making sure that your patterns of thinking are constructive. Renewing the content of your mind to renew your life. Reality is continually created through your thoughts and emotions. What you believe is your truth.  Remove yourself from the collective consciousness of man and live your own truth. Recognise and replace negative thoughts. As James Allen said “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he”. How true that is.

You have been created to think as you choose. When you become aware that the consistent pattern of your thinking is what you are experiencing in all areas of your life, you realise that the only way to stay mentally strong is to think constructively. Clear, consistent, affirmative thoughts will create a fuller, richer life. We are the creators of our own lives, creating our reality with our thoughts. We are builders of our own universe. Accept the responsibility of creating your life through creativeness of your thoughts.  Remain strong and positive. Your thoughts become your experiences so make sure your thoughts are beneficial and constructive. Your thoughts should produce a better life for you so make sure that they are positive.

Happiness and fulfillment do not come from external events, but from your inner resources. Do not   rely on outside circumstances for your happiness. You already possess all you need to be genuinely happy. Take an inner journey and allow your eyes to open to the abundance that is already yours. Do a mental inventory of all you already have and be grateful. Take stock and simplify your life by clearing out the clutter in you home and in your mind. Bring a sense of order into your life. Become aware of the present moment and savour small moments that bring you contentment. Live each day, noticing the wonder of it, appreciate the moments of happiness available to you each day.

It is easy to surrender to depression when today seems bleak. Put thoughts of fear and lack behind you. Forget the past and appreciate what you already have. Notice with gratitude each day’s gifts. Open your eyes, then pause for a moment and give thanks. Take sensible precautions and do not fear the future. Take time to wonder at the beauty of life and try to find some humour in your day.

Observe the one life in all things and above all be kind. Be kind to yourself by giving yourself small treats. Forget the past. Set boundaries and respect yourself, exercise your body, learn a new skill, eat healthy food.

Take a deep breath and enjoy your life. You can live wishing for things to be different or decide to accept what is happening in the present moment and move on from there.  Every day, through the process of what you think, you are establishing the pattern of your experience. Are you going to let your thinking follow the belief of that sickness, poverty, unhappiness, crime and pandemics are part of life or are you going to recognize and claim the abundance in your life.

Align the pattern of your thinking and create only good things in your life. Remove all the limiting thoughts and discover who and what you really are. Open the door to all the good things life has to offer. Accept the responsibility of creating your life through the creativeness of your thoughts.

Do not feel guilty for feeling blessed and happy in these difficult times. Feeling sad and depressed is no help to anyone. Take care of your home and your body. Do not allow fear to rob you of your happiness. Control emotional triggers and thoughts. Remember that most of our fears never come true.


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