Our Intention creates our reality
Wayne Dyer

Could it really be that easy?

I recall doing supervision with our Patient Care Team years back. Listening, exploring, reflecting and problem solving. One Thursday the nurses were distraught with helplessness as one of our patients had a dreadful wound and we were running out of dressings, the patient did not have a medical aid and the Government Hospital only gave a limited amount of dressing which they used in a week.

Distressed I started brain storming with them what our options were. I suggested that perhaps we could reach out to the public in our newsletter, perhaps we could contact local pharmacies & Private Hospitals for old stock, our fundraiser could contact pharmaceutical companies to assist.

One nurse said she would contact a past patients wife who used a lot of dressings and passed away last week, perhaps she will be willing to donate her excess dressings. The creative thinking amazed us and soon the spirit lifted and there was hope in the room. We continued focusing on the nurses and their patients and ended with a clear action plan and them feeling heard and supported.

As I walked across to our admin building there was a van parked outside and they were offloading boxes and boxes. When I entered, I asked the receptionist what was in the 30 odd boxes delivered.  We opened a box, and it was filled with the exact dressings that we discussed getting for our patient! We opened a 2nd Box a 3rd and we were stunned for it was as though the universe was listening in on our conversation.

Last week I was invited to a Hospice who was forced to close their doors after 20 years as they had no more funds to operate. They asked me to support the staff in facing this sad ending.

I decided to facilitate a Memorial Service for them… remembering the good, the bad and the ugly, taking pearls of wisdom from the past 20 years, dreaming a new beginning. Tears were shared as well as beautiful stories both funny and sad, stories of courage and gratitude. I allowed them to say goodbye and what they have gained and given. The session ended and everyone was feeing relieved and more at peace though sad and aware of the unknown. Two days later I received a message from the director of the Hospice sharing with me that they had received a bequest that will ensure them to operate for two years!

A miracle?

Or a clear intention of focus on accepting a reality and allowing the Universe to participate in an outcome.
Setting Intentions is about selecting an Aim, a Goal, a Dream and aligning all ones focus on it despite doubt, fear, and uncertainty – maintaining assertive focus and surrendering it to something Greater within.

Setting Intentions for one’s own life is a discipline and a practice of taking responsibility and being clear on who one gives one’s intention too. For example, when you wake up in the morning and your body is aching. You sigh, moan and groan and you know if you do not change that focus your body will create your day, and we know what that day is going to be like. Or we wake up and our mind starts running from one scenario to another. Again we can predict what our day will be like if that focus or attitude is not interrupted. Or we wake up in a state of anger, fear, sadness. We know what that day is going to be like.

That is not bad or wrong, yet it is like being a puppet. It is a program that runs us automatically.  There is no plan, no creation, it is merely repeating a pattern, habit and past. Unconsciously one can easily allow a past event, an attitude or belief or denial to set intentions and then we experience repeated realities, and we feel helpless, confused and out of control.

The ideal is to wake up and become present in the moment. Become the Great Observer – observe your body, your thoughts, your emotions and your Spirit. Observe yet do not engage – Surrender to the Great I AM within you –  sit up and set intentions for the day in clear still focus – Aligned to your Spirit, your Greater Self your Divine Presence and set intentions for the day despite of your body, mind and emotions demands and addictions – allowing the “I AM” to manifest and Create your Reality.

Setting conscious intentions as a Whole-I (Holy) person is taking one’s power back from the past and focusing it on an outcome we desire.

We so easily operate just from the body,  intellect or emotions. It is not bad yet it is out of balance with who we really are – for we ARE a “Whole” person – Whole not meaning perfect yet Whole meaning made up of different parts. When those parts are aligned and in Balance our experiences are whole too. We all know what it feels like and what disharmony can come from one part taking the lead dismissing the other parts. In survival certain parts within us will take lead – our Intellect may focus on staying on track often locking emotions away. This is normal yet meant to be temporary. The imbalance that follows if we get stuck in intellect is huge and the effort to re balance is hard work.

As we come to the end of an epic 2020, we can take stock and decide what we take with into the new year. We can use the opportunity to Set Intentions Holistically – to maintain Balance and Harmony, to continue our Growth and Evolution as a whole person. In times of crisis, chaos, and uncertainty, much like 2020 has been.

We can easily separate ourselves from the Oneness with All, which can contribute to our intentions being selfish, out of tune and in disharmony. Setting Intentions with conscious Alignment to the Oneness ensures that we make space for Miracles in our lives. Miracles that our Intellect, Emotions or Ego could never dream of.

End 2020 in gratitude and create a marvellous 2021 with humbled and Sincere Intentions.


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