“Self-Awareness” is a journey of discovery into the heart of your own soul.

“Self-Awareness” is what is says,  Becoming aware of Self. Then the next question should be. What and Who is Self?  We commonly use the term “Self” yet there is far more to the word.   Is it the image you see in the mirror?  Is it the role/s you play in your life? Is it your Intellect?      

Am I my Body? Am I my past? How do we define Self?  It is as if we live in a house with several rooms, yet we only occupy 2.  There are rooms we hardly visit or know.   

Self is made up of a Body and a Mind, consisting of thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, attitudes and assumptions mostly based on the past, which in turn affect our behaviours and choices.  An Emotional quadrant, like a filing cabinet drawer within.  From the day we are born we have a file for every emotion to be experienced.  As life starts happening, we start filing, happy, sad, angry, rejected. Soon some files get fuller. We have a Spiritual quadrant, our deeper hidden self, our connection to our Spirit, Soul, and something Greater. The part of us that lives on after death.  The fact is we are all born Whole, whole not meaning perfect,  rather that we are made up of several parts. 

Life is filled with adventures of change, loss, death, and grief, which affect each quadrant.  For example, certain emotional files become fuller and before long some files start taking up more space, squashing empty files shut. Very soon these files start controlling the Whole, creating an imbalance.  Often all of this happens unconsciously as we are not always aware of what we hold within us.  Yet we become aware of feeling lost, overwhelmed, out of control We do not understand ourselves anymore as we observe ourselves to be moodier or our reactions are so unexpected.  Our intellect then starts taking charge and it cuts off our feelings or numbs us as it wants to protect us. Yet, in doing so, the intellect starts taking more space and controlour thoughts, attitudes and perceptions.  We lose the balance of our inner space causing disharmony within. Whilst all this is going on the Spirit’s space is being compromised As it is so deeply hidden within we often forget it to be an integral part of Self.  Thus, our picture becomes out of balance.  Awareness becomes an important tool for Self-Healing, reclaiming our power and restoring balance. 

I like to use the analogy that we as CEO of Self have 4 partners. Body,  

Mind, Emotion and Spirit.  Life presents several losses, perhaps your Mom died, then you got hijacked, your wife got retrenched and your child failed at school.  Life happens, right, and Life does not STOP and give us a chance to lick our wounds.  We must survive, and sometimes we need to withdraw from the chaos.   

Whilst we are withdrawn, we find a distraction and forget why we withdrew in the first place and because we are absent our Partners take charge, some more than others, stealing inner space from each other. Awareness allows us to look in and see the imbalance, the dysfunction and powerlessness.  Our Awareness allows us to see how we have given our power away to the partners and we witness how we have allowed their dominance to change us and how we have lost ourselves.  Awareness opens a door, and we realize we must step back in as CEO of our Life, sit around the table with our Partners and acknowledge our absence and the affect it has had on them.  We take responsibility for allowing the imbalance and we contract to check in with each Partner to assess their Feelings and Needs. We develop a Care plan to heal and restore the Inner Balance and to establish a respectful relationship between the Partners.  Awareness without judgement creates a deeper understanding, which is the start of the Journey within the heart of the Soul. 

There is a saying by Hans Urs von Balthsahar which reads: “What you are is your gift from God.  What you make of yourself is your gift to God.” Self-development is an important part of Life which we must participate in, or we lose our Self and become defined by our Past. 

Denice Frohman wrote: – “Your wound is probably not your fault, but your healing is your responsibility!”  Awareness reminds us of who we really are and that we have a choice to either remain a victim or to evolve and become greater.  Loss is a reality of life, a guarantee, and we cannot protect anyone from experiencing it.  Loss affects all the parts of our Self and we need to understand that when we talk about Growing, Healing and Caring it must happen on all levels too.  Growth is a constant thing. We grow physically and mentally we expand with philosophies.  Some of us even start a spiritual journey of growth yet so many are still in Grade 2 Emotionally.  We have all witnessed ourselves or someone we revere act like a two-year old and we are shocked.  We fear vulnerability, being judged for being weak and a sissy and so we lock up those inner unmet wounds and needs. How else can it be heard if we do not voluntary go there?  They must pop up in the wrong time and wrong place hoping to be heard, validated, and released.  Life allows us to slip into depression as it understands where the healing is needed and that beneath those layers of pain there is a core of Self, a part of the Soul wanting to guide, support, dissolve and inspire.  Yet we block that in our refusal to grow and the Path becomes lonely, and we lose our purpose.  Our Spirit and Soul are a part of our Being – It is present within us when we are born.  It is not dependant on the Church we visit or the book we read or what our parents or guardians will introduce us to, to study God. Our Spirit and Soul is who we are and they come with a higher vision, insight, resource, authentic power, purpose and an unconditional love and support which we block because we have allowed our fellow partners to take up all the space.  We have allowed external fear and guilt to separate us from something Divine living within us.   If we start stripping away the past, the roles, the pain, the body, what is left is the part of us which cannot die, that lives on. 

Becoming Self Aware is an investment in your Self that no one can ever take away from you. It is the most painful and rewarding process that reveals unlimited potentials and possibilities for expansion. It is in the darkest moments of our lives that we get to ask those impossible questions as we seek for answers and meaning.  What else is possible? How else could I see this? When it feels like all is stripped away, we seek to go deeper and ask, Who am I?  And we discover rooms in our House we have not entered in a long time.  We get to spring clean and remove the clutter.  We open windows and doors and allow light to illuminate the dark areas and we become alive.  We realize no one ever promised us a rose garden, rather a Journey of discovery within ourselves.  Indeed, “The Wound is the place that the Light shines through!” 

“The Self-Awareness Course” is a facilitated process holding a safe space for you, guiding, reminding, empowering you with knowledge and skills to embrace all that you are and to reclaim, reconnect and rebirth your Self.  It is a journey of discovery into the heart of your own soul.  We create a safe and sacred space, which allows you to release and let go of old trapped pain and therefore make space for new joyous experiences in life. 

Most of us have lost our belief in ourselves. We feel life has no purpose and meaning.  

The Self-awareness course helps us to reconnect with who we are, what we want and what we need from life.  Through the process of releasing old hurts, we can reclaim our personal power and become active participants in our lives.  

The course consists of two and a half days and provides you with practical tools to enable you to continue the process of self-empowerment and self-discovery.  

Make that journey… 

Become the Director of your movie and change the ending. 

Love yourself back into Life!  

For more info on “The Self-Awareness Course” contact Marisa on 076 6493989 or [email protected] 


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