Remembering Our Infinite Potential To Be Black Swans

Having ridden the Corona-Coaster over the last few months, I have come to notice the gift in the curse. Whilst technically not a Black Swan event, at least not according to Nassim Nicholas Taleb, the author of The Black Swan, it is undoubtedly an opportunity for us to consider discovering the Black Swan within. This once in a lifetime opportunity to re-write the story of our lives – if we take the time to observe, listen and consider alternatives that allow what we may currently believe is improbable or downright impossible.

Yes, our lives have been somewhat limited, and it’s felt like living in a petri dish with everything under a microscope – the good, the bad, the downright ugly, what’s working and what’s most certainly not. With our outer world having shrunk significantly, it has been an invitation to journey the territory within; to pause and notice the nature of our thinking, feeling and doing and what impact we have on our own lives through the choices we have made until now.

To find ourselves in the transitional space between what we came to know as ‘normal’ and the uncertain, emergent future; is an opportunity to redefine what is important to us. These events happen every 80-100 years to offer humanity a chance to re-calibrate and consider alternative ways to live and thrive, in place of the adrenalised survival mode adopted for so long. In this mode of survival and extreme busyness, we are suffocating joy, happiness, creativity, innovation, problem-solving and abundance by operating in the flight, fight or freeze response.

The prevalence of disease and discomfort in our physical organism should be all the proof we need to make the essential changes. Without healthy bodies to provide the energy, emotional balance and mental focus and agility; we are literally, dead men and woman walking. In this way, we are choosing, consciously or unconsciously, to limit our possibilities and potential as individuals and ultimately, as a collective.

When will we finally see that it is our inner world reflected in the external experience? That we are creating our lived experience in each moment of each day. The nature of your internal landscape has determined your experience. Whatever thoughts have been playing in your mind, observed and unobserved, have determined the emotional state from which you have taken action or not; and the nature of the activities supporting or destroying possibilities. It is us who get in the way of our magic. It has nothing to do with anyone or anything else. We are 100% responsible for our experience.

I know, that this idea sucks because it means nobody else is to blame, especially once you’re adulting. It does, however, mean that we need to heal the aspects of ourselves that prevent us from soaring and thriving. Our real work here, believe it or not, is to consider all the barriers that separate us from the fullness of our potential, our wholeness, unconditional love and worthiness to be here, now.

What is wanting to come through you?
How do you want to re-imagine your life? Do you dare to dream and create the life you want? Many people have asked me what I think the future holds, and my response is that it holds whatever you hold within. If you are cultivating a vibration of peace and harmony, your experience will be peace and harmony as you magnetise and draw the experience to you.

Of course, there will be times when that is disturbed and disrupted – and Covid-19 has challenged even the most equanimous amongst us – but it comes down to how quickly we can restore equanimity and create within ourselves the space and bandwidth to deal with the bumps and boulders on our path.

Achieving a state of being able to flow with grace and ease around the obstacles sent to test our progress along life’s path, without taking it out on another, should surely be our aspiration?

I hold a belief that there are very few among us, who wake up every day to see how badly they can behave or contribute. Each one of us has everything we need to live in an unlimited way; and imagine that anything is possible if we commit mind power, heart power and right action to manifest the magnificence of our humanity. We are on a journey to remembering our infinite essential selves, manifesting through the physical reality of being human. If more and more of us are inclined to consider this, humanity will achieve a collective Black Swan, where we realise the improbable within ourselves and each other.

It is improbable potentiality I have become obsessed with over the course of my life—a need to understand what is capable of being, but not yet evident. Undoubtedly, because for most of my own life, I have fallen way short of what I was capable of, for fear of not remaining humble and getting ahead of myself, feeling unworthy – nothing more than a story I bought into being. I have learnt that ‘humility is not thinking less of yourself; it’s just thinking of yourself less’ – C.S. Lewis.

The question is: how are you currently diminishing your gifts and superpowers?
The world needs your gifts and superpowers; the world needs the infinite potential of your Black Swan right about now.


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