Reflections for leading well in a diverse world

Our planet’s magic lies in her diversity. Diversity is a fact. It is just who we are as inhabitants of Earth. For me, there shouldn’t be anything to do about diversity. It just is. What we have actively done, is create exclusivity in almost all aspects of social life. Exclusivity is the basis for our biases – conscious or unconscious. The ‘other’ or ‘not like us’ syndrome. The antidote to this limiting and destructive mindset and behaviour, is embracing the value of inclusivity – an open-hearted and generative approach.

What does this have to do with how you lead? The task of leadership is to align and amplify individual strengths towards a common goal. If you aren’t inclusive in the way you lead, you are compromising your team’s ability to be successful and effective.

For the next half an hour I invite you to reflect on your challenges and opportunities in being a leader for all. Find a comfortable, quiet place that honours your reflective practice. Take five minutes per question to write uncensored. After your timed journaling, consider what came up for you. Be gentle, forgiving, and compassionate with yourself.

  1. What does being a ‘leader for all’ mean to me?

“Deep Identity” consists of the parts of a person’s identity that we acquire at an early age, before the capacity for abstract or rational thought. It includes race/ethnicity/culture, language, religion and/or class. Our deep identity forms the basis for our perspectives of the world, it can be a factor in motivating action, and it shapes the ongoing narrative of your life story.

  • How might my deep identity have influenced the leader I am now?

“Inclusivity is the concept that we are all connected. We are inextricably linked to each other. Our connections go beyond ‘liking’ or ‘tolerating’ each other. Inclusivity is the world-view that all beings are connected. Inclusivity can be summed up in a statement, We Are One.” – Shariff Abdullah

  • What does this concept of inclusivity bring up for me?
  • How might this awareness of deep identity and inclusivity help me in my leadership role?
  • What are my strengths in being an inclusive leader and what are my growing edges?
  • Who (specifically) might benefit from me being a more inclusive leader?


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