Marisa da Fonseca Wollheim

Position: Holistic Entrepreneur
Categories: Contributor

Since school days, it was in Marisa’s nature to collect for the poor and to serve.
She is part of the Amazing Grace Retreat & Wellness Centre of Awareness based on Serio’s Farm in Magaliesburg and has been a resident in Magaliesburg for over 40 years.
She is a Responsible and mature person and is highly respected in her Community.
Marisa demonstrates strong values such as Communication, Respect and Love, interconnectedness and balance.

She has a Spiritual Nature and is self-inspired using her attitude and power of choice to bring forth change and solutions in her life and others’.
She is a Daughter, Widow and Mother of 3 and a Grandmother of 3 too!
She is an inspirational, Motivational and Confident Speaker, her presence demands the highest respect yet her humbleness is felt, she is not afraid to confront and admit and own her adversaries and weaknesses. It is her Personal Commitment and Purpose to Remind People of their Inner Power and choice and assist them to bust their dysfunctional enslaving systems and to become Liberated from within!

On her personal Journey of Growth, she has trained with Dr Elisabeth Kubler-Ross on Life, Death and Transition, she has trained to be a Psycho-Neuro-Immunologist and she has done Journey work and Training with Brandon Bays. She is Co-Author in a book called: “Life Choices – Passion is Your Reward for Connecting to Your Spirit” and her story was also published in the Book: “It is what it is” – Understanding Hospice Care – Ute Freitag. She has done extensive work for several Dept’s of Health, Welfare, Education and SAPS, Corporates and NGO’s – through her Debriefing, Mentoring and Caring for the Carer programmes.

During lockdown Marisa created a closed group on FB called Understanding Loss – She created a number of videos in support of people experiencing Loss; be it Death, retrenchment, COVID, abuse etc. in the videos she takes people through the Process of Loss & Grief.

Marisa is a keen Djembe Drummer and uses Drumming in her Training to facilitate Team Work & Communication Skills.

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