Ida Doyer

Position: Sensory Integration Occupational Therapist
Categories: Contributor

Sensory Consulting Services
Brain Sense consulting offers sensory awareness and integration – unpacking bottom brain energy to optimize health, wellness and productivity.

It makes use of sensory science to create bottom brain awareness in individuals, families, teams, and organizations.

Sensory Profiling
Determine your own unique sensory profile through the online sensory questionnaire. The questionnaire measures your sensory processing style and will provide threshold scores for every sensory system, be it sensory seeking, sensory avoiding, sensory neutral, or fluctuating. A customized 25-page report with your threshold results, as well as simple sensory snacks, diets, and ergonomics for your profile, is generated. You will receive a username and password to complete the profile online in your own time. Answer the 120 questions quickly, intuitively, and according to your sensory comfort levels. This is all about you. It will only take 15 minutes of your time to unpack and demystify bottom brain energy. Meet your sensory self.

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