Debi O’Brien

Position: Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator
Categories: Contributor

After many years of looking for something different, I found Access Consciousness.  My goal is to share and teach anyone looking for something greater in their lives, jobs and relationships, what is so valuable to me. A way to bring our beings and bodies together to create a space of contribution most of us know is possible for our planet, people around us and everything we are in every moment. Hence Inner Space Creation.

As an Access Consciousness Bars Facilitator, I create my life and business using the energetic, pragmatic tools of Access Consciousness to choose how I live every day. This philosophy is based on empowering everybody to know what THEY know and embrace a world of consciousness – where everything is included, and nothing is judged. This includes body process sessions (The Bars®, MTVSS, DMMD, Cellular Memory …) which release blocks in our bodies and one on one facilitation to empowering people with tools to choose and create a greater life.

If you know that you are creating your life in every moment, you know something greater is possible and simply would like to be happy – then these tools are for you.

All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory®

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