Portraits have the power to tell our story and capture who we are not to others but to ourself.  They have the potential to convey and assert our self-concept; how we see ourself, how we think about ourself, and how we feel about ourself. 
Viktor Frankl’s wisdom in Our Search for Meaning was where the idea for this work sprouted from; it raised my curiosity in the role of images, specifically portraits in enabling us to re-imagine our ‘self’, to express our choices … to solidify our resolves.

Our power to decide is the central idea of Viktor Frankl’s wisdom. When everything is taken away from us, when we find ourselves ‘stripped to a naked existence’, all that remains is


‘the last of
human freedoms’;

our ability to choose
our attitude
in a given
set of circumstances.


This understanding is where we may find our capacity to rise above our outward fate. When changing a situation in no longer in our power, ‘we are challenged to change ourselves’.

COLLECTION:  I HAVE DECIDED – ‘The last of the human freedoms’

This work explores how images can help us re-imagine our ‘self’ and the power of storytelling to convey our self-concept.  This particular set explores one person’s inner call to ignore the chaos of their outward world, to clear a space where one can preserve the inner-self, the softness and the strength through nurturing that which he loves.   It’s about bringing our own sliver of light, joy and beauty, as small as it may be, as unfitting as it may feel, to any space.


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